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Dr. Adalgisa Garcia is a remarkable individual who has achieved a high level of trust with her top-of-the industry quality care for her clients since 2004. An intrinsic health Nutritionist composed of strong, moral character whose concern with health becomes her main priority. Her passion, interest, & expertise in the health industry has brought her to her current position. Garcia has numerous customers whom depend on her guidance and advice to lead a healthy & sound lifestyle without being susceptible to a life depending on pills.

When matters come about regarding one’s health, make Natural Health Food Center your one & only stop to acquire the health services you need. Dr. Garcia & her team are dedicated to providing the best and most beneficial health options for you. With up-to-the-minute recognition of the industry’s latest and most beneficial products, NHFC will provide each and every customer with a solution specific to the individual. The solution that has had our clients walking out of our facility with th smile and confidence that one receives when they have been treated in a way far beyond their expectations.

_ Dr. Garcia obtained a degree in General Medicine & Family Medicine at Nordestana University (UCNE) in the Dominican Republic in recognition of 8 Years of studies.

_ Dr. Garcia is also a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) & attained a  Doctoral Degree in Neuropathy. Certifications received in New York, N.Y. Garcia  also has a powerful efficient tool to determine her client’s potential health  weaknesses through close and precise observation of the eye’s Iris.