Belly-X (Herbal Blend) Extra Strength


*Fast Acting
*Stress and Adipose Blend
*Synergistic Blend of Botanicals

does stress in your life sabotage your weight goals? When used in conjunction with the diet plan, Belly X is intended to provide nutritive support for a healthy weight management regime. Try Belly X and our diet plan to help accomplish your goals!

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natural Max Diet represents a brand of high quality weight management products that are designed and formulated with some of the most studied ingredients available. Each product is thoughtfully created to provide positive options for weight management when used with the diet plan.

It contains
Rhodiola- an adaptogenic herb

Seaweed Extract and
Pomegranate Seed Oil are added for extra nutritive support.
Turmeric is intended to provide nutritive support for healthy tissue.
L-Theanine, Raspberry ketone and Wild Lettuce are added for synergy.


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