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Parazide Clenz

The body is host to millions of microorganisms – some friendly, some not so friendly. They exist within us in a delicate balance. When that is disturbed, fatigue, bloating and toxicity may occur. The comprehensive Parazide Clenz formula helps to provide nutritive support for healthy cleansing and intestinal balance. Give your system a purifying flush with these time-tested natural herbs.

  • Black Walnut- favorite with herbalists
  • Wormwood (Artemisia) -bitter tonic *Grapefruit Seed Extract- powerful, broad spectrum detoxifier
  • Butternut-reliable cathartic and cleanser *Cloves, Garlic, Oregano, Thyme, Peppermint- culinary herbs rich in oils that support internal balance and invigorate digestion.
  • Know for carminative and aromatic properties.

It’s a Killer Formula The distinctive Parazide Clenz formula is a potent, comprehensive blend intended to provide nutritive support for healthy cleansing and intestinal balance. Traditional herbs such as black walnut, wormwood, oregano, and cloves are intended to provide nutritive support for purifying and protecting your system. Put the power of nature on your side with Parazide Clenz formula from Natural Balance.


Liver Clenz

The comprehensive Liver Sense formula is intended to provide nutritive support for healthy liver function and detoxification. This extraordinary blend features powerful Wasabi and milk thistle, plus the remarkable ayurvedic herb Picrorhiza and more.

  • Natural balance liver sense
  • Liver health
  • Contains 60 veg capsules


Colon Clenz + probiotics with bacillus coagulans

Nature Cleansing Formula

Non gmo gluten free vegan

Colon Clenz Plus i a gentle blend of nature’s cleansing herbs with added pre and probiotics which provide nutritive support for regularity and a healthy digestive tract.

Colon Clenz Plus is ideal for those who want a gentle cleansing formula with probiotic support. Bacillus coagulates is a probiotic that creates its own protective shell, allowing it to remain dormant through the stomach and then opening within the digestive tract.


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