Brain Health Kit #1

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Memory Formula

Vita Logic Memory Formula was designed for individuals of all ages and gender to help support mental clarity, sharpness, memory, concentration and enhanced cognitive capabilities. Vita Logic Memory Formula addresses all aspects important in improving thinking ability and concentration. In addition, Vita Logic Memory supports a healthy brain signal transmission, oxygen flow and provides supreme antioxidant protection.

Vita Logic Memory Formula 30 Capsules



Rhus succedanea, also known as wax tree, is a deciduous flowering tree native to Asia. The stems of this tree contain a flavonoid known as Fisetin. Fisetin is also found in other plants, fruits and vegetables such as strawberries. Research suggests that Fisetin may provide nutritive support for cognitive function and overall brain health.


Nutritional Balanced B Stress

  • B and C Vitamins Balanced on the Basis of Nutritional Need
  • Essential B Vitamins are necessary for proper metabolism and energy production. This formula provides B Vitamins in a ratio that more closely mirrors the nutritional needs of our body. We provide it to you in a natural whole food base of whole rice concentrate and aloe vera gel.


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