Clinical Youth Collagen (5000 mg Type I & III and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen)

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KAL® Clinical Youth Collagen is intended to provide nutritive support for Skin, Hair, Nail and Joint Health. The Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen contains Type I and III collagen from wild, cold-water fish. It is a pure protein made up of 18 different amino acids. Solusil™ is a blend of nutrients known for their nutritive support of Skin, Hair, Nail and Joint health. Vitamin C is essential to the synthesis of collagen and Pycnogenol has been studied for its antioxidant potential. Clinical Youth Collagen mixes easily and tastes great with its Natural Tangerine Dream Flavor. Try some today and see a more youthful you, tomorrow.


5000 mg Type I & III Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
Solusil™ Blend for Skin, Hair, Nail + Joint Health
Wild Cold Water Deep Sea Fish

30 ServingsRecommended Use: Use only has directed. Mix 1 scoop into favorite beverage or smoothie. For best results, mix with orange juice.


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