Colon detox 5 (Orange)

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The colon detox is included free of charge with the purchase of the main fat burners and is to be taken 2 pills after dinner to cleanse the colon. It may be used as necessary and if the patient is regular they may use it every other day.

3 reviews for Colon detox 5 (Orange)

  1. Nena

    This little orange pill will do it for u as long as u use it the way your suppose to. Love it.

  2. farrahsabrina79

    this is a very good laxative. no real colic’s just a slight discomfort and send you right away. make sure you hydrate yourself before and after as it makes you thirsty and dehydrated if you do not hydrate properly. Excellent product. Highly recommended.

  3. Ana Reyes

    En esta pastilla tan pequeña existe una maravilla, la uso frecuentemente y me ha ido excelente, voy al baño regularmente y vaciando mi intestino por complete, he perdido más de 10 libras, sin cólicos ni dolor……… Gracias por existir Colon Detox5

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