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Our main fat burner. It is to be taken ONCE DAILY half-hour either before or after breakfast. This fat burner helps to burn fat and suppresses the appetite. In the first week one should lose from 3 to 6 lbs.. If all is well in the first week, one can lose up to  10 to 20 lbs in the first month.

The only side effect is a dry mouth.

Additional Guidelines

The morning fat burner may cause dizziness or headaches, you  may drink orange juice or have a banana.

Drink plenty of water

No more than two cups of coffee

No caffeine drinks

No alcohol

For best results it is recommended at least half an hour of exercise with a healthy meal plan.



panthothenic 500mg

guarana seed extract 500mg

fucoxanthin 300mg

alfalfa 250mg

uva ursi leaf 200 mg

chromium 100 mg

spirulina 200 mg

hoodia 100 mg


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