Kidney Blend SP-6 Cornsilk


Kidney Blend SP-6 by Solaray supports optimal kidney health and function, urinary health, and an increased sense of wellness. Order yours online today. Read More
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Optimal Support for Healthy Kidneys

Your kidneys have the ever-important responsibility of helping to filter toxins from your bloodstream. Keeping them healthy is a vital part of maintaining optimal overall health and wellness. Kidney Blend SP-6 from Solaray contains cornsilk in a proprietary blend of ingredients that support healthy kidneys.

Key Ingredients:

Cornsilk may provide support as a cardiac tonic, may function as a diuretic, and provides support for your liver and intestines
Parsley delivers chlorophyll and may help restore your urinary tract and stimulate urination to help provide relief
Queen of the Meadow may help stimulate the organs that work to clear toxic waste from your body, supports your genitourinary system, and may help suppress urine flow
Uva Ursi contains arbutin, a compound that provides diuretic properties, helps balance urine pH, and may provide tonic properties
Buchu may help alleviate high-acid urine, supports optimal prostate gland recovery, and may also function as a urinary antiseptic
Make the right choice to support your kidneys. When you choose Kidney Blend SP-6 from Solaray, you’re choosing reliable ingredients that support optimal kidney health and function. Give it a try today, and see the difference it may be able to make for you. Order now!


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