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Spring Cleaning

There’s always a sense of optimism when the signs of spring emerge- it’s like nature’s reward after the hardships of a long winter. Days lengthen, there’s more sunlight and I feel more positive. Spring is the season of creativity and new beginnings and skin should be full of new life too; the complexion needs a reboot to restore its natural radiance.

For some spring can bring irritation, inflammation and breakouts- eczema due to allergies like hay fever can make skin extra sensitive. I find that skin can look dull and dry after the ravages of winter, and in need of rejuvenation and exfoliation. To speed up my skin’s recovery, I exfoliate and opt for replenishing and purifying masks during my downtime. Don’t overdo it.

Now’s the time to start thinking about your bikini body, so that when summer comes around you feel good about yourself. Starting in the spring gives you time to ramp up your exercise routine gradually. This also increases circulation in the body, helping to clear out any toxins left over from winter.

I avoid richer foods like red meat and dairy, and instead go for lots of green vegetables and leaves, along with lighter proteins. Although the science is not definitive, I have a teaspoon of manuka honey with breakfast as I’ve found that it helps keep allergies at bay.



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