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STRESS – Busting Tips

Breathe Deeply

We often forget this simple act, but increasing oxygen helps us to think more clearly. Focusing on the “in” and “out” breath will clarify thoughts and calm the mind. Make sure to breathe in from the bottom of your stomach before letting your breath out again.


Sleep It Off

Aim for 8 hours’ sleep at night. I get impatient if i don’t have enough sleep…Try to go to bed at the same time every night to train your body to wind down on cue. Our body is thrown into chaos by disrupted sleep patterns. Lack of sleep takes it toll on the skin, too, as this when the body has time to regroup and heal itself.


Visualize Calm

Meditating before I go to sleep is really helpful and visualization can be powerful tool, too. Close your eyes and choose a place. Having a calming image that you can conjure up during stressful times will help train you mind to deflect anxiety.


Quite The Mind

Download a mindfulness app to train your mind to be better able to cope with stress and silence the chatter of ongoing anxiety.


Do A Tech Detox

Being constantly on and available impacts upon your ability to relax. Making a conscious decisions to switch off gives your brain a break from information-processing.


Run A Bath

It’s pretty hard to hold on to stress in a bath. I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to boost relaxation and add to the calming atmosphere. Focus on the good is my mantra.


Work It Out

Getting the blood pumping with a high intensity short workout will help get the body back into clear-headed order, thanks to the oxygenation and the rush of endorphins. It’s hard to think about anything when you are working out.


Listen To Music

Music is a mood changer. Play something that your love – it can really bring you up. To re-energize, put on a track that gets you dancing. And be peaceful, play something beautiful.


Enjoy Life

Do things that give pleasure or bring peace – cooking, gardening or curling up with a book. See friends and have a laugh whenever you can. Life is short, so have fun!



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