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Wendy’s Golden Rule

“Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a Prince And Dinner Like a Pauper”

   No Raw After Four                                               Chew, Chew, Chew

Working on the principle that raw                             You need to chew your food to

foods are harder for the body to break                     stimulate the enzymes that start  

down, it’s best to give them time to be                      breaking down food. If you don’t  

digested. Only eat raw before 4pm,                            chew enough- at least 40 times –

  when your metabolism is fired up                              you don’t stimulate them sufficiently.

and the stomach is better equipped                           The harder it is to break down, the

to digest foods. Some say that raw                                more digestive juices it will need,

food prepared properly (soaked, etc) is                   which is more work to do for the body.

                                                                                       fine in the evening, but I stick with salads

                                                                                       for lunch and cooked food for dinner.


          Pure and True                                                          Eat Your Water

If an ingredient is changed fundamentally,              It’s important to stay hydrated. So

avoid it. Steer clear of processed foods,                    drink up your water, and eat it too:

which lose their nutritional value when                    foods with a high water content are as

heat processed or contain chemical additives.              effective. Drink up, eat up and

                                                                                                      restore your glow!

  Don’t Drink Your Calories

Fruit juices may be pure but they are also

high in natural sugars. Bootled smoothies

are even worse: they are packed with sugar

and low in nutrients, so high in empty calories.

                Fat Ain’t Bad                                                      Listen to Your Body

Good fats don’t make you fat – sugar does.               Your body is a miracle of nature – listen

For too long we’ve been told that fat is bad                to it. All too often the warning signs are

and “low-fat” alternatives are better when                ignored, so that a problem becomes chronic.

in fact they’re often stuffed with aging and                  If you have indigestion after eating a

fattening hidden sugars. Look at labels – be                 particular food, then avoid it for a while –

sure to avoid sugar-laden foods and don’t                       even keep a food diary to help you

              be scared of good fats.                                                       spot a pattern.

                  Hands Off!                                                                  Tech-Free Diet

I don’t want to get all germophobic on you,              It’s not good to have electronic devices

but please remember to stop touching your                  on all the time especially just before bed.

face mindlessly. Hands can be filthy things,                        The bluish light they emit will

                                                                                         transferring dirt and acne causing bacteria from                        disturb your sleep.

                                                                                        place to place. Clean hands will help keep your

                                                                                                  skin clear and congestion-free.

     Eat Less and Exercise More                                              Live and Let Live

Losing a bit of weight is great and feels like a                        The most important rule is to

real achievement,  but it is easy to fall into old                       concentrate on you and do

bad habits. The key to losing weight and keeping                  what feels right for your body.

                                                                               it off is simple: eat less, go to bed early and exercise.

*All rights reserved to Wendy Rowe Eat Beautiful*

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