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Collagen is what keeps the face dull and youthful, but we stop producing it after the age of 25. As we grow older, the connective tissue starts to loosen and the elasticity reduces, causing the face to droop. There’s no miracle cream that will reverse the signs of aging; you can only try to slow down the process. Eating a healthy diet, full of skin-benefiting foods, should be the first step, along the exercise and a good skincare routine. I always think it’s best to nurture what you’ve got – allow your face to have character as it’s much botox and fillers that erase the face you were born with, even if it’s changed over time. But for very fine lines, listen, a bit of baby botox is fine!


Self Help Tips

*Use a cream cleanser, rosewater and a cream moisturizer, but bear in mind that no cream will ever erase lines.

*Have a facial on a regular basis.

*To keep elasticity in the skin, try a collagen drink.

*Make sure you take vitamin K2 and calcium supplements, as they are really good for the bones, and these nutrients tend to deplete as you get older.

*Make sure you take iron tablets.

*For dark circles under the eyes, take a tablespoon of molasses everyday.

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